Assisting organisations to rapidly adopt governance practices freeing them to focus on governance outcomes

Practically Applying Governance Principles

GovN® is a comprehensive set of integrated corporate governance documentation.

GovN® provides all the documentation required to evidence the application of corporate governance principles such as those contained in King III, King IV and other international standards.

GovN® has been in use since 2010.

GovN® is continually improved as new governance principles, practices and approaches are released.


The documents contained in GovN® take input from:

♦  Recommendations provided by the King reportsGovN

♦  Applicable international governance codes and legislation

♦  ISO international standards and guidelines

♦  Function specific standards, e.g. IT and Internal Audit

♦  Participant organisations varied by: size, industry and incorporation


GovN® is:GovN Governance Components

♦   A Complete set of pro-forma governance components

♦   All the documentation needed to evidence governance practices

♦   Immediately usable ISO 9001 ready

♦   Integrated and cross-referenced

♦   Stored in Escrow for continuity purposes


Implementing GovN®

Since launching in 2010, Candor has experienced the following:


Do It Yourself 

Providing the components to organisations on a “DIY” basis has not proved successful for the organisations concerned. Candor remains open to considering this approach when required.

The associated risk is that the documents remain as “shelf-ware” and the investment made by the organisation is not realised. For Candor, our risk in such cases is that we do not realise our mission to “enable ethical business”.


Facilitated workshops

The most successful approach has been where facilitatedGovernance Training, Workshops and seminars workshops result in tailored components ready for adoption.

This approach has worked successfully for all size organisations ranging from small, membership-based institutes to large listed multi-national organisations.

Duration depends on the size of the organisation, as well as the industry in which the organisation operates. For example, a half day workshop can be used to address a specific governance area, such as IT Governance. Longer 3 day indabas have been used to address all governance aspects.

It is recommended that Candor be party to the subsequent deliberations and documentation adoption. This ensures that any outstanding questions are answered or addressed at the time, avoiding any further delays and impacts on director time.


Proposals and Engagement

On request for proposal, Candor will provide a list of those governance components which should, as a standard, be addressed in that particular governance area.

GovN Corporate Governace FrameworkShould additions be required, Candor will engage to either:

♦  Create such components on the basis of the GovN® Framework, ensuring full integration with already adopted components, or

♦  Where such components have already been developed, re-use existing components reducing time, effort and cost.

Likewise, should some areas already have been addressed by the organisation, these will be excluded from the scope of the engagement.



GovN® Maturity Assessments as a Start

It is most likely that organisations are not starting from a zero-base. In most cases, organisations are looking to improve on existing governance approaches or upgrade existing approaches to meet changing requirements.Governance Maturity Assessments

Candor recommends in such cases that the maturity of the exiting environment is assessed.

GovN® extends to a set of pre-existing maturity assessments based on international best practice standards.

GovN®  uses this approach to ensure that future assessments are exactly comparable – providing a sustainable continual improvement approach.

Candor has assisted organisations using: Personal on-on-one interviews; On-line named surveys; Anonymous surveys; as well as Combinations of these approaches, depending on the stakeholders being interviewed.

Many organisations have benefited from this start. Candor then recommends a risk-based approach to deciding the order in which, and the depth to which, particular governance aspects are then addressed.


Subject Matter Experts

Candor calls on associated experts as required. This ensures our quality and our reputation is maintained. Not many organisations are able to provide a full-house of experts. It is most often not practical to employ all such experts.

Candor has found that it is most appropriate to source expertise which best meets the organisation’s particular requirements at the time. It is therefore essential that Candor keep sound relationships with all organisations operating in the corporate governance industry.

When engaging, Candor will discuss the need for additional expertise with the organisation as well as propose such industry experts. Often Candor makes use of experts already identified by the organisation.


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