Governing Technology and Information

IT Governance in Practice

Governing technology and information – integrated services and solutions using GovN®


Component Documents and TemplatesDocumentation and Template services

Because it is easier to crit than create

♦   IT Governance Framework and Policy

♦   Information Governance Framework and Policy

♦   IT Steering Committee, IT Function & CIO Charters

♦   Business Continuity, Cyber-security, Cloud Computing



Maturity AssessmentsMaturity Assessment Services

Assessments using standards to provide comparability

♦   King III Chapter 5 and draft King IV™ considerations

♦   COBIT 5® EDM domain and other domains

♦   ISO 20000 (IT Service Management)

♦   ISO 27002 (Information Security)

♦   Information Privacy using ISO 29100 framework


Interventions and ImprovementsGovernance Intervention and Improvement Services

Addressing Gaps and Improving Practices

♦   Following a risk-based approach

♦   Business Digitization and IT Transformation

♦  Cyber-security assessments and interventions

♦   Project Governance and facilitated reviews

♦   Tailored to meet time-frames, availability and budget


The CGICTPF Public Sector Standard
GICTPF Solution from Candor Governance

Candor has a neat solution for entities of all sizes

The Corporate Governance of Information and Communications Technology Policy Framework (CGICTPF)

Applicable to: All National and Provincial Departments, Provincial Administrations, Local Government, Organs of State and Public Entities

November 2012: Approved by the South African Cabinet

By March 2015: Corporate Governance is established and a continuous improvement process is embedded.



Training, Workshops and SeminarsGovernance Training, Workshop and Seminar Services

Conference presentations, workshops and training days

Some new topics:

♦   The changing corporate governance landscape

♦   Business Digitization: From Mainframe to the Cloud

♦   ISO standards: Creating benefit without the overhead



Board and Committee ServicesBoard and Committee Services

Using repeatable standards, codes, rules and laws

♦   IT Governance for Boards and Board Committees

♦   Governing information privacy and security

♦   Annual reviews of IT governing bodies

♦   Independent IT function assessments


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