Corporate Governance Surveys

Assessing your organisation's integrated governance status using Governance Surveys is the first step to achieving good governance outcomes.

Corporate Governance Assessment Surveys

Journeying through the jungle of corporate governance is complex, even chaotic. Governing Bodies are expected to navigate numerous demands and challenges – sustainability, employment equity, information protection, corporate social responsibility and increased compliance, continuous learning and innovation. Governing Bodies are expected to do this surely and without hesitation. Assessing where your organisation is currently position using Governance Surveys is the first step towards providing the organisation with the right path forward.


Organisations need to make serious strategic choices


Governing, leading and managing are mutually supporting aspects.

Together they make up the intrinsic value of the enterprise, nurture its culture and people, ensure the organisation takes its rightful place in society, and assure its longevity. There is considerable overlap between the economic, social and environmental challenges and opportunities facing every organisation.

Governance Surveys should be comprehensive and take into consideration all these factors without placing additional burden of “question overload”.



A ready resource, Graham Williams and Candor have combined their expertise to design, develop and offer an integrated service which incorporates governance competence, culture assessment and other necessary tools to support corrective and improvement actions.

The package is results-oriented and uses comprehensive, confidential, and easy-to-participate on-line surveys.

The surveys are 360º assessments involving the Board, leadership, management and employees.


Integrated Thinking and King IV Ready

For each of these three organisational levels, the surveys address parameters, capitals and outcomes:

PARAMETERS The purpose, virtues (enacted values), roles, strategies, policies, processes, controls and measures employed to ensure sound governance and value creation.
CAPITALS Human Capital – The needs of the 7.3 billion people on Earth, and the employment, development and deployment of the human capital within the enterprise

Social Capital – the reputation of the enterprise, shaped by their purpose and their impact on stakeholders

Intellectual Capital – the human ability to create with learnt and sought knowledge, placing one “ahead” in the race to becoming the most sustainable and soundly governed organisation

Manufactured Capital – the result of creation and development activities and investment

Natural Capital – the natural resources and processes enabling our very existence

Financial Capital – the monetary resources providing incentives and enabling trade (IIRC)

OUTCOMES Are interconnected and impacted at every organisational level: Outcomes include: Value Creation, Performance, Reputation and Culture



Comprehensive, balanced, relevant and timely

Expert Analysis – Our on-line surveys enable unique positioning for the next level of suitable expert analysis. The TWIGS assessment package addresses international and national best practices such as: King IV™, OCEG®, ISO standards and other authoritative practices and standards.

Collaborative View – all levels of the organisation are presented with useful feedback around the issues hampering or stimulating sound, sustainable governance. Gaps that are unearthed between the levels are often where gold is found.

Building on Strengths – organisations are placed in a position to correct weaknesses, nurture and operate from strengths, nudging positioning and approach for sustainable growth.

Entrenching Change and Spreading Knowledge – constructive conversations are conducted using anecdote circle method. The insights and understanding gained can be reinforced as required to facilitate long-term, enduring change.

Tailored Reminders – cultural shifts are best maintained through reinforcement campaigns which can be in the form of posters, stories, guides and booklets.

Continual Improvement – coming alongside your identified promoters and cultural shifters, we assist with the development of deep skills for navigating sustainability and stimulating culture change through conversation, behavioural economics, specific governance training (not of the teacher-tell variety) and awareness-raising interventions. Our experience has been that simply being exposed to the survey questions triggers ideas on how to positively move forward, excitement at cooperating across what could be internal silos, and ushers in a deliberate practice and discipline that allows organisations to thrive. Respondents form a picture of the organisation they aspire to belong to, and shift from a compliance/ survival mind-set to an adventure/ thrive mind-set.


A collaboration between experts

These convenient and advanced surveys (and supporting resources and methods) are brought to you as a result of our collaboration with:



Graham Williams



Stéve Bánhegyi



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