Services and Solutions

Candor Governace has developed a suite of solutions and services to support organisations in the practical application of Corporate Governance principles

Corporate Governance in Practice

Integrated services and solutions for boards, directors and prescribed officers

GovN®, your corporate governance toolset, is growing and continually improving


Training, Workshops and Board InductionsGovernance Training, Workshop and Seminar Services

Working with professionals to deliver the best outcomes

♦   Conference presentations, workshops and forums

♦   Committee interventions (once-off and annual)

♦   Training for unlimited number of participants

♦   Board Inductions for non-profits, public entities and companies



Maturity Assessments

Governance is a continually improving processGovernance Maturity Assessments

♦   Base-line against industry standards

♦   Review current position and set future targets

♦   Report and disclose progress

♦   Personal interviews, digital surveys

♦   Self-assessments also available



Governance Surveys

Become alert to those snapping twigs

♦   360º assessments involving the Board, leadership, management and employees

♦   Assessed against Integrated Thinking’s 6 Capitals

♦   Evaluating Outcomes: Value Creation, Performance, Reputation and Culture

♦   Comprehensive, balanced, relevant and timely

♦   In collaboration with Graham Williams and Story Telling

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Board and Committee ServicesBoard and Committee Services

Using repeatable standards, codes, rules and laws

♦   Board and Governing Body governance assessments

♦   Annual reviews

♦   Independent operational function assessments

♦   Personal interviews or digital surveys



Interventions and Improvements

Addressing Gaps and Improving PracticesGovernance Intervention and Improvement Services

♦   Assess and address governance functional areas

♦   Change management and Business transformation

♦   Tailored to meet time-frames, availability and budget

♦   Facilitated governance reviews and target setting

♦   Committee attendance and facilitation



Ready-to-use Documents and TemplatesDocumentation and Template services

Because it’s easier to crit than create

♦   Policies, Charters, Frameworks and more

♦   Immediately re-usable, ISO 9001 ready

♦   Integrated and cross-referenced

♦   Best practice international standards

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