Applying King III

Practically Applying King III and King IV

 Applying King III and King IV principles and recommended practices of efficiently and effectively



  •  Candor uses GovN® technology in all solutions, services and products.
  •  Solutions are integrated with both enterprise strategy as well as operational requirements.



A collection of

Services Images Clear Framework

♦  Structured and inter-linked
♦  Pro-forma governance components

The components

♦  Evidence corporate governance procedures
♦  Apply KING III and other governance principles

The structure

♦  Ensures completeness
♦  Allows practical application and rapid adoption
♦  Facilitates the most appropriate allocation of resources


THE GovN® GOVERNANCE APPServices Images Framework

  • Director and executive view
  • Drill-down dashboards
  • Full search-ability
  • Load assessments and track progress
  • Automate statutory and regulatory reporting
  • Automated alerts and sticky notes
  • Company secretarial administration
  • Managed access and audit trail


Director responsibility and personal liability are explicit in the Companies Act.

King III is the measure of directors’ due care, skill and diligence.

Candor assists companies to evidence good governance in practice.

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