• Applying King IV Applying King IV

    ♦  What’s new and what’s changed

    ♦  Practically applying new governance principles

    ♦  Migrating from King III to King IV™

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  • Information and Technology Governance Services Information and Technology Governance Services


    Enabling the governance of Technology,

    Information and Cyber matters

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  • Evidence King III in action Evidence King III in action

    STOP !

    Don’t re-invent the wheel!

    Policies, Frameworks, Charters and more…

    We supply all the components you need to evidence corporate governance in action


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  • FREE Guide FREE Guide

    Public Interest Score > 500 ?

    You need a Social and Ethics Committee

    We have a FREE guide for you…

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  • Corporate Governance Services Corporate Governance Services

    Assessments | Training

    Workshops | Seminars

    Expert Guidance

    We are here to answer your questions

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Corporate Governance in Practice


GovN® - evidence corporate governance in practice. Pro-forma Policies, Frameworks, Codes and Standards.

Governance Services

Guidance, Assessments, Training, Workshops and Seminars - tailored to meet your requirements

Social & Ethics Committees

A portfolio of support services Improve your Social and Ethics Committee compliance and effectiveness

Enabling good governance

Leadership, management and governance underpin organisational success - REDUCE time and resources - RE-USE our integrated components and workshops.


Since 2010 we have assisted the following industries:

Financial services,Health,Oil & Gas,Mining,NGOs,Construction,Professional societies,SOEs,Education,Industrial,Metals,Insurance,International,Paper & Packaging,Printing,Payments services


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